Friday, 13 July 2018


You know how it is. Introduced to a complete stranger at a polite drinks party, once you have exhausted the pleasantries, one of you is going to ask "What do you do then?" My wife has taken to interjecting with "He's a pilot", which was once true of course, because she has grown tired of watching me struggle to explain what I actually do. With a little time to think, here are some of the things I have done in the last couple of years:

Written and presented a course on Compliance Monitoring to an airline in Nepal, which almost unbelievably operates helicopters to Everest Base Camp as a routine, and exceptionally up to Camp 2 in emergencies;
Closely engaged with an ambitious and rapidly expanding airline in the UK, helping to develop an organisational culture which embraces the concept of a Management System as defined in ORO.GEN.200;
Spoken on the merits of procedural compliance at the Eurocontrol Safety Behaviours Forum in Brussels;
Run a human performance and error management workshop for a large group of anaesthetists at a hospital in Essex - interestingly they invited me to observe the teams in action for two days in live theatres ahead of the workshop, to better understand their work (challenging for someone who doesn't do blood very well);
Conducted an audit of a UK operator's management system, using the new EASA Management System Assessment Tool for the first time;
Acted as an expert witness in flight operations and safety in a European airline's defence against injury claims (all successfully to date);
On the subject of expert witnesses, I have developed and delivered a course on how to present expert evidence (see below);

Lukla, NEPAL
Delivered Safety Management System initial and recurrent training to another Nepalese operator - this one ferries thousands of trekkers each year in and out of Lukla, gateway to Everest and one of the world's more challenging destinations;

Led a safety review of an extreme aviation sports portfolio in the Middle East - skydiving, paramotors, gyrocopters etc;
Delivered Upset Prevention & Recovery Training (UPRT) to a group of flight instructors in Lithuania;
Presented seminars on Evidence Based Training to operators and industry professionals from around Europe and Africa;
Trained departmental Risk Champions for a UK operator;
Developed and directed several emergency response exercises;

You see why my wife says I'm a pilot...

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