Thursday, 28 June 2018


Are you an expert in your field? If you are there is some possibility that you may be asked to act as an expert witness in a court case or arbitration. While you no doubt know your own subject very well, the first time you prepare written evidence for the court and your first physical appearance in the witness box can seem quite daunting. Firstly, there are strict rules around the instruction of experts. Secondly, court procedure can be rather confusing. And finally, an experienced legal professional is going to do his or her best to dismantle your evidence and discredit your expertise.

Gates Aviation has recognised this challenge and recently launched a familiarisation programme for prospective expert witnesses. This consists of a four hour face-to-face training session with a seasoned expert witness at a location of your choice, and an escorted visit to court when experts are giving evidence. It doesn't matter what your field of expertise, this is all about delivering evidence rather than what's in it.

If you want to be confident that your evidence is compliant and that you know what to expect in court, contact Gates Aviation to discuss this programme of expert witness preparation.

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