Monday, 19 September 2011


I may have mentioned that I am in Acapulco to be moderator for the 3rd World Food Programme Global Aviation Safety Conference (GASC) - the show starts tomorrow. Meanwhile, one of the supporting organisations, FlyMex and their subsidiary FLYWET, took it upon themselves to entertain the guest speakers this afternoon. Nothing unusual in that until you find yourself picked up from the beach front hotel in an Agusta 109 and flown across Acapulco Bay at 100 feet to a lagoon to the north of town. After landing on a sand bar we boarded a Seadoo jet boat for a ride around the lagoon and a pelican inhabited island before being dropped at a thatched beach restaurant for lunch and drinks. Then we pottered down the jetty while a float Caravan was literally 'swum' in from its mooring by two 'ground' crew and we hopped in for the flight back to ACA airport(piloted by the owner of FlyMex)and a short ride home to the hotel. All conferences should be like this... I will post some pictures shortly!

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