Thursday 20 June 2019


We have all learnt about safety management systems (SMS) and the 4 principal components - Safety Policy & Objectives, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance and Safety Promotion. Buried in Safety Assurance, within the sub-element Safety Performance Monitoring & Measurement are things called safety performance indicators or SPIs.

Most organisations have actually defined SPIs and slavishly track them at SAG and SRB meetings. But many don't really understand what SPIs are and what they should be doing for the business, so actually a lot of the effort is wasted on meaningless data.

Take a look at the diagram below - see how it shows SPIs as the very foundation of an integrated safety management plan:

Gates Aviation offers a one-day training course for aviation organisations, which clearly explains and demonstrates how to set useful and effective SPIs (and KPIs) that really answer the question:

"How good is our safety performance?"

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