Friday, 13 May 2016


What can three words do for you? Well these three words can address any location anywhere in the world – no postcode, no zip-code, no street name, no house number. What three words are those? of course!

what3words recognised that millions upon millions of people and locations have no address, so were denied access to many of the services the ‘well-addressed’ population can enjoy. Banking, deliveries, emergency medical help and much, much more. Latitude/longitude references work for the navigationally minded among us but the co-ordinates are complicated and error prone.

This system divides the Earth’s surface into 57 trillion (yes that many) 3 metre squares (we can discuss the spelling of metres later), and assigns each square a unique three word address. Three words are simple to remember and make sense to anyone. It comes in several languages too. Once you download the free app onto your smart-phone or tablet it will direct you to any 3 metre square you like; in the desert, in the jungle, on the ocean – you choose.

Take a look and download the app. From names.masterful.take (see if you can find me).

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