Wednesday, 31 August 2011


The UK CAA has just published its 2011 Safety Plan at, which states 'desired safety outcomes' to reduce the risk of the following (with my comments on each):
Loss of control occurrences - these are a real concern because they are indicative of declining pilot competency and almost always end in total loss
Runway excursions due to unstable approaches - the most frequent accident cause in recent years, although mercifully often survivable; the other big runway excursion issue is rejected take-off after V1
Runway incursions - less frequent than excursions but more likely to end in loss of life, in part a symptom of increasing runway utilisation and airfield congestion
Midair collision due to incorrect TCAS response - at sea they call lifejackets 'useless unless worn', with TCAS it would be 'useless unless followed'. Very few FDM programmes flag incorrect TCAS response but it is a vital indicator
Loading errors - surprisingly frequent and potentially catastrophic but there is little incentive for loaders to report their own errors

I can't argue with any of those desired outcomes!

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