Tuesday, 11 January 2011


This latest fatal hull loss in Iran, a 727 at Urumiyeh, appears to have been controlled flight into terrain on approach - the number of survivors suggests low speed and relatively low rate of descent commensurate with the approach phase. The other significant factor is that this was an aging Boeing, spares for which will have been hard to come by in sanctions hit Iran. No specific indication that this was a cause but there can be little doubt that the Iranian fleet as a whole is getting old and is under supported.

Perhaps this is an opportunity. Maybe the West should condionally offer to help upgrade the Iranian civil transport fleet and its underlying infrastructure, as a life saving and commercially attractive 'carrot' to complement the 'stick' of other international sanctions. As chairman of the Gulf Flight Safety Committee (GFSC www.gfsc.aero ) I and my colleagues would be happy to assist and support any initiative of this nature. Airbus? Boeing? Embraer..?

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